Wind blowing through the forest



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“When I was a child I wanted to become a hermit.
I dreamt a living in a place where I could practice calligraphy, painting, sculpture and tea ceremony, quietly and peacefully. Opening the door to invite friends and fresh breeze. Listening to the layers of nature sounds; the river stream, breeze and singing birds, and just observing the change of the seasons…. It seems I was carried by this dream for many years although I do appreciate worldly life and its hidden wisdom.
Art emerges from the state of consciousness where there is absolute silence and peace. It is not an idle or static state, rather, it is a dynamic and progressive energy vortex. Artists are the travelers to bridge this cosmic flow from the Source to the realm of tangible reality. It gives me a true sense of adventure. What I understand today is that my childhood dream was not just a dream but it was a constant call from the primordial landscape in the depth of my heart where the Stream flows eternally. It was the parallel reality which I secretly lived in.
Because of this deep inner contact, the practice of calligraphy offers me a lot of insights. The senses given from the practice became a touchstone to discern the quality of different energies in life.
Art of Writing is not only meant for the beauty of the appearance. Art of Writing is the path leading me towards the clearer perception about the life which is full of mysteries and unclarity.
The darkness of ink invites me to the vastness in the womb of the universe. The untouched paper is her virgin memoir. Then brush bridges our breath; Hers and mine, and Two become One. There is no separation, it is timeless, no space for thoughts and questions. Calligraphy is our secret rendezvous”.

– Jyoti Naoki Eri


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