I was born in an artist family in Kyoto, Japan. I started calligraphy study since age seven.

Then started to learn figurative sculptures in a public art high school in Kyoto.

In 1994 became a professional wood sculptor through the apprenticeship in Tokyo.

In 1999 I lived in London for 1 year to study Buddhism and Western art in general.

After that I came back to Japan and studied Buddhist image sculptures and traditional art in general at my birth place Kyoto until 2004.

After some intensive art and religious studies in Japan, gradually my focus shifted to deepen spirituality awareness. Then I decided to travel to Nepal, Tibet and India. I’ve visited many of spiritual masters in different traditions to study Vajrayana Buddhism, Taoism and Yoga.

It was totally unexpected that I discovered about Auroville (Tamil Nadu, India) a Universal township in making and decided to become a permanent resident of Auroville in 2005.

I practice & teach art in general in Auroville. I am also organizing some cultural/social programs in the name of ONE ASIA project.

I am also known as an oriental tea lover/practitioner of the Way of Tea.

Thanks for visiting this site.


Japanese Blog


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